Direct Mailing (Postal)

For many years, direct mail has been an important marketing medium. Even though many companies have turned to social media, email and internet marketing, a targeted and well-produced mail campaign can still be highly effective.

Direct mail campaigns can be used to generate leads, promote special offers, support other campaigns, communicate with customers and raise your visibility in your market.
Your direct mail campaign ideas can be very simple or wildly creative depending on your goals. For example, you can use

  • A handwritten note
  • A simple but effective sales letter
  • A postcard with a four-color image on one side and a printed message on the back
  • A digitally-printed brochure with the prospect s name printed in the headline and body copy
  • A custom piece that you develop for a specific purpose

Direct mail can be an efficient medium for your company if you focus on strategic, targeted mailings instead of large bulk mail campaigns, which draw very low response rates at much higher costs than online marketing. Instead, consider using mail for small campaigns:

  • Invite current customers and top prospects to an event you re holding at a trade show
  • Send product literature with the prospect s name and custom specifications printed into the brochure itself (via digital printing)
  • Announce a compelling sale