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Our Databases service is a 360-degree customer engagement solution through which businesses or brands can deliver information in real-time.

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Voice SMS

Communicate with your customers or audience by calling their Mobile/Land phone numbers with a pre-recorded voice message through a fully automated Online System.

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Bulk SMS

Undertake branding initiatives, deliver promotional offers, product details, feedback campaigns, surveys, greetings and other interactive marketing activities

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Bulk Email

Bulk Emails are proving to be a very popular approach to marketing as overheads are low and it allows for information to be distributed quickly.

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WhatsApp Marketing

We provide all kind of WhatsApp marketing services, you can send Text, Images, and Videos etc. Pan India city wise WhatsApp users database can be arranged on additional cost.

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Direct Mailing (Postal)

For many years, direct mail has been an important marketing medium. Well targeted and well-produced mail campaign can still be highly effective.

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